Massage Drunk? Is That Really A Thing?

Tell me if this has ever happened to you. You find an amazing massage therapist (here at Massage and Stretch I hope). They hit all the right spots during your session. You zone out and fall into a trance losing all sense of time, space and care. Suddenly there’s a gently voice that says, “Alright. Take your time getting up and dressed. I’ll be waiting for you outside the room.”

You slowly sit up and try to adjust your eyes in the dim light. You place questionable faith in wobbly legs and pray their stability does not fail. You focus intently just to place one foot in front of the other. Outside the door, you’re greeted again by the therapist who made your world spin. You’re thinking, “is this normal?”

My answer is yes it can be. Allow me to let you in on a little secret. There is an elite society of individuals known as licensed massage therapists. We like to call what you just experienced being Massage Drunk. If you have experienced that feeling, let’s talk about what’s normal.

Most clients who come in for Relaxation Massage report feeling relaxed and a bit sleepy. They enjoy increased range of motion and sometimes euphoric. These are all normal feelings. That spacey feeling is sometimes due to the increase in circulation and the fact that massage is known have an effect on blood-glucose levels. If you are otherwise healthy with no medical conditions, this spacey feeling usually passes after a few minutes and a snack or juice.

Clients who prefer Deep Tissue Massage can feel a bit sore or tender a few days post massage. This can be common for people who prefer deep pressure and more aggressive bodywork. During a therapeutic massage, we may use forearms, elbows and sometimes tools to help improve problem areas. We frequently communicate with our clients throughout the treatment to make sure your level of discomfort is not excessive.

Massage is a proven treatment for many ailments, both psychological and physiological.  Massage has been shown to be a popular treatment for anxiety and depression.  Research suggests that clients who receive frequent massage experience improved mood and have an overall better outlook on life.  From a physiological standpoint, massage is best know for effectively reducing blood pressure.  Which of course has a bit to do with that massage drunk feeling.

For our clients here in Racine, you can spend a few minutes sobering up from your massage drunkenness at Meadowbrook Country Club or Massage Wellness Center. If you’ve never experienced this type of post massage euphoria it’s time to book your next session! Contact us below if you’re ready to schedule your next session.