Meet The Owner

Hello!  I am Michelle Fleischman, the owner of Massage & Stretch.  Our wellness establishment is committed to helping you improve your quality of life through alternative pain and stress relief.  For the last 26 years of my career I have been a LPTA (Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant), and now exclusively focus on Massage & Bodywork for pain and stress relief.  My experience in the physical therapy field has given me a different perspective in my approach to massage & bodywork.

A typical massage & bodywork session with me starts by having a thorough review of your medical history and complaints / requests, followed by an assessment of your bone positions and adjacent soft tissues.  I will strategically position and compress the soft tissue, which allows the muscle tone to normalize, the tissue become more centered, and complaints of pain, pinching, or tightness are often alleviated.  This of course comes with the added bonus of improved range of motion and overall improved physical mobility.  My massage sessions are often finished with soothing Swedish strokes and calming essential oils.

I do not subscribe to the belief that massage needs to hurt to work. Instead, I listen to my clients, understand their needs, and provide a customized strategic approach to helping them achieve a better quality of life.  The outcome that most of my clients report following one of my massages, is less pain and more mobility. Frequently my clients experience a complete paradigm shift.  I strongly believe that there is no better project to work on than you.  Thank you for trusting my business, Massage & Stretch for the results you may have been able to get from other techniques or therapies.  We will look forward to meeting the challenge of your problem area(s) and getting you the alternative pain and stress relief you have been seeking.